John Lof Young Leaders Fellowship, 2015

Five students from the Student Association of Graduate Engineers (SAGE) were awarded $3,000 fellowships on September 10th for their time and efforts in helping UConn engineering graduates expand their professional and social opportunities, allowing them to better engage in community life. The fellowships came from a bequest from John Lof, former professor of Electrical Engineering. He joined the engineering faculty at UConn in 1952 and was affiliated with the university for more than a half-century. He passed away in 2013. The fellowships were awarded to:

  • Morad Behandish, a PhD candidate in mechanical engineering (LinkedIn).
  • Drew Clearfield, a PhD candidate in materials science and engineering (LinkedIn).
  • Bahar Deljoo, a PhD student in materials science and engineering (LinkedIn).
  • Kamyar Momeni, a PhD candidate in biomedical engineering (LinkedIn).
  • Paul Wortman, a PhD candidate in electrical and computer engineering (LinkedIn).

(Alphabetically ordered)

Read the full article (Click Here) by Jack Kramer, on the UConn Foundation website. See the photos of the event (here) by Christopher LaRosa.